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I enjoyed this lesson. Annabella on the other hand well she listened but I am not to sure that she understood any of it. I think that this is a lesson that I can keep going over and she will get it. I just love all the visual aids and she did love those and wanted to play with them. I shorted the lesson because she is just 23 months old and couldn't sit that long. I again got this idea from the yahoo group that I joined, fhe4children I really like this site.

By, Tina Felt -- February 1989

Main Idea: Reverence is a special feeling of love and respect that should be reflected in actions, words, and attitudes.

Note to Parents: “Children are not born with the concepts which produce reverence, nor can these concepts be matured in them suddenly…. But by and large, children in their early years and most of them in later years will be just about as reverent as they are trained to be, and no more.”

Opening Song: Reverently, Quietly

Opening Prayer:

Have you ever thought what it means to be reverent? Reverence is a special feeling of Respect and Love. It is a feeling close to our Heavenly Father. It is caring about others, showing respect for them and being courteous to them. When we love our Heavenly Father, our families, friends, leaders, and teachers, we will respect them. We show our special feeling of love and respect for others by REVERENCE. When we listen to our parents, teachers, and leaders and do what they want us to do because we respect and love them, we are being reverent, as Heavenly Father expects us to be.

Poem: REVERENCE (Have members of the family hold up the different letters as the poem is being recited either by a parent or an older child who can read and take part.)

Our chapel is a sacred place where we should be reverent and show respect to our Heavenly Father. A sacred place is a holy place, a place where Heavenly Father’s spirit may be felt.

Happy and Sad Chapels: Hold up the picture of a sad chapel and ask your children what this is a picture of. Tell them that :
This is a picture of a sad chapel.
The children in this chapel were very noisy
They didn’t sign the songs well at all
Some children talked without raising their hands
A lot of the children came late
There was talking during the prayer
The children in this chapel didn’t show love and respect for our Father in Heaven

Hold up the picture of the happy chapel and ask your children what this is a picture of. Tell them that:
This is a picture of a happy chapel
The children were quiet during their meetings
Everyone was reverent
All of the children sang their songs well
No one whispered to their neighbors
The children sat quietly in their chairs
The children folded their arms and closed their eyes during the prayer
They walked quietly in the halls
They showed their Heavenly Father how much they loved and respected Him through their reverent actions.

Which one of these chapels do we have? Let’s all try to make our chapel a happy chapel.

Story: Children Like Animals

Activity: Using your happy and sad chapels. Place them on the floor. Have each member of the family draw a game card and act out what is on their card. When they are through, have the other members of the family guess what their behavior is. Have them decide if this behavior belongs in the Happy Chapel or the Sad Chapel and put their card on the right one.

Poem: I Love You Jesus
(Pick our 3 boys and 2 girls from the previous story to use for this poem)

“One of the most Christ-like qualities we ought to develop is reverence, an attitude that shows how we feel about Heavenly Father and the things He has asked us to do… Reverence is more than just being quiet. It is a spiritual communication between us and our Father in Heaven. When we are reverent, we don’t do anything that reflects negatively upon the Lord or His Church.” Vaugh J. Featherstone

Reverence is a special feeling that helps us feel near to Heavenly Father and makes us want to show by our actions, words, and attitudes how much we love him.

Closing Song: Father, I will Reverent Be

Closing Prayer:

Refreshments: Frosted animal cookies with ice cream.

Use cards with each letter to spell reverence and have the children hold each card as they give the poem.


R: Reverence is true respect
For Jesus whom we love.
And for this chapel where we meet
To worship him above.

E: Each child should come in quietly
No push, nor jump, nor run,
But be polite and orderly
Until the meetings done.

V: Very softly we should speak
And yet distinct and clear
The soft sweet tones of children
Our Savior likes to hear.

E: Every child should fold his arms
And while the prayer is said
Should close his eyes and listen
And always bow his head.

R: Remember, little children,
Be courteous and true,
Be kind to one another
For, this is reverence too

E: Enter here with happy thoughts
But don’t be rough and loud
For Jesus loves a smiling face
But not a noisy crowd.

N: Neat and tidy we should be
With faces shining bright
And if our thoughts are clean and pure
We’ll always do what’s right.

C: Cleanliness is reverence
Let’s try in all we do
To keep the chapel neat and clean
Now and the whole week through.

E: Everyone should reverent be
In every act and word
When we are in the Savior’s house,
The chapel of the Lord.


"I love you Jesus, so much," said Mike
"I want to do the things 'you'd like."
But he forgot to try at all
As he ran and shouted through the hall.

"I love you Jesus," said Betty Ann
"I want to be as good as I can."
In Sharing Time she talked aloud.
That makes an awfully noisy crowd.
"I love you Jesus," said John one day
"I want to learn in every way,
All I need to know to grow strong and good."
But he didn't listen when he should.

"I love you Jesus," said little Sue
"I'll do all the things you want me to."
But she forgot to bow her head,
Or close her eyes when the prayer was said.

"I love you Jesus, so much," said Joe
"The things I do today will show
How much I want to do my part.
I'll think of thee with all my heart.”
“Two hands that know where they belong,
Two feet that quietly walk along.
Two lips that speak only when they should,
Two ears that listen to all things good.
Two eyes that when the prayer is said
Will gently close when I bow my head.
One heart that loves Thy will to do
Dear God these things are my gifts to you."

Out of all these five, Jesus knows who loves Him most … which one are you?
Children Like Animals

Teacher: Today we'll learn about some children and how they act In Our Heavenly Father's house.
1. This is Nan. Nan is only three years old. It’s hard to be good when you are only three. Nan tries hard. She puts her toys away, sometimes even before her mother asks her.

But sometimes when Nan goes to church she acts like a kitten. Kittens are soft and usually quiet, so you may wonder what would be wrong - with having a kitten at church. Have you ever watched two kittens together? They are always swatting each other. This was Nan's problem-she didn’t always remember to keep her hands to herself. Heavenly Father is happy if we fold our hands and keep them in our laps while we are in his house.
2. This is Jeremy. Usually Jeremy is a good boy. He likes to help his father work in the yard. He mows the grass in the summer and rakes the leaves in the fall.

But sometimes when Jeremy goes to church he acts like a big polar bear. Polar bears are soft and furry. If you have ever seen one at the zoo you know that they are heavy and walk plunk! plunk! plunk! Sometimes Jeremy forgets and lets his feet go plunk! plunk! as he walks down the chapel aisle. Heavenly Father is happy when we walk with light, quiet feet in his house.


3. This is Diane. Diane is a happy little girl. She helps her mother with the dishes and doesn't even grumble.

But sometimes when Diane goes to church she acts like a bird. Birds like to chirp and sing. And Diane loves to sing in church. But sometimes she forgets where she is and sings when it isn't time to sing. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and to sing when we are in his house. But he wants us to sing only when everyone else is singing or when we are asked to sing a special song.

4. This is Jason. Jason always obeys his parents. He always, remembers to wear his coat when he goes outside if it is cold or stormy.

But sometimes when, Jason goes to church he acts like a duck. If you have ever watched a flock of ducks you know that they often stray away and get into places where they, don't belong. Sometimes Jason forgets to stay in his seat and wanders all over the chapel. Heavenly Father is happy if we stay in our places while we are in his house.


5. This is Veronica. Veronica is getting to be a big girl. She is even big enough to make her bed in the morning before she goes to breakfast.

But sometimes when Veronica goes to church she acts, like a monkey. Sometimes she crawls under the bench, and sometimes she climbs up onto the back of the bench. Heavenly Father is happy when we sit quietly and prop­erly on the benches while we are in his house.


6. This is Kirt. Kirt eats his vegetables and is growing strong. He is even strong enough to help carry groceries into the house.

But sometimes when Kirt goes to church he is grumpy. He likes to stay up late on Saturday night and watch his favorite show on TV. When he wakes up Sunday morning he acts like a lion. He growls at his sister and brother and he even growls at his friends at church. Heavenly Father is happy when we are cheerful while we are in his house.


7. This is Nicky. Nicky is a happy girl. She smiles and is pleasant even when she has to tend her little brother, though she would rather be playing with her friends.

Always when Nicky goes to church she acts like a butter­fly. She gently moves down the aisle and quietly takes her seat. She sings the songs. She thinks of Jesus during the sacrament, and she listens to the speakers. Heavenly Father is happy when we are truly reverent in his house.


Teacher: Heavenly Father is happy when we show love and respect for his house.



blaine and michelle said...

You want to know something funny? Tina Felt is my sister-in-law Lyndsey's Mom. Small world. Love your ideas. It's our New Year's Resolution to be better at FHE. Thanks for being a good example!

Tiffany & Annabella said...

your kidding!! I loved this lesson I thought that it was great and Annabella loved the visual aids she playes with them and makes statements like no climbing at church no running quite mouth. I guess you can twell her that I loved this lesson. Some things never get old.

Kami said...

Did you have the "game cards" for this lesson that it mentions? I got the same lesson from, but I don't see the cards there, either. I'm not sure what it's talking about.

Tiffany & Annabella said...

Sorry I don't know of any "game Cards". I will look around though