Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Prayer Train

This next week I am going to have FHE on "How to Pray" Annabella is 21 months and she is learning to say the prayer, so I thought that this would be a great lesson.
I am going to use for the songs: We bow our heads (Children's Song Book pg. 25A) and I pray in faith (Children's Song Book pg. 14)
I thought that we would talk about prayer from the bible dictionary (under prayer) about talking to Heavenly Father because we are his literal children, then talk about that order of prayer and what we do with our body. I have the prayer train attached. I hope that you like it.
(if you click on each of the images and look at it bigger you can then save it to your computer to print out if you would like.)
(This wasn't my idea check out Natalie's Family Home Evening blog see in the month of January)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plan of Salvation Lesson

So we had an FHE on the Plan of Salvation, two weeks ago and my mom said, "isn't she too young for that?" I in turn told her that I thought that it's never too early to tell her that she wants to go live with Heavenly Father in the Sun, Celestial Kingdom. She really enjoyed that we use the pieces like a puzzle and of course she loved that there was a sun, moon, and star. I have the chart hanging on the wall in the house and she says to me "live in the sun" I always say thats right Annabella we want to live in the sun with Heavenly Father. I saw this lesson on line at Here is the link to the lesson that I used, Rachel . There are a few options like do you want it in color or black and white you know things like that . I used the plan of salvation:color and the plan of salvation chart (visual aid). Of course I loved the visual aids and enjoyed laminating them so we can keep them for a long time and also Annabella can't tear the paper right away and she enjoys playing with the pictures.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping a Family History

I know like most of us we want to keep a family history and well we don't. Not because we don't want to but because we are so busy in life that things fall into the cracks. My sister gave me this book Called Family Fun Ideas for Family Home Evening vol.1 and in it was this great lesson about keeping a Family History and/or a Family Journal. They had an example of a Family newsletter that would act as your family home evening conducting sheet as well as a family history. So I took this idea and expanded on the news letter idea and added what I wanted for my family as well as a back side to the newsletter. The lesson also talked about everyone in the family filling it out so that they can express there views on the family happenings, as well as keeping a record of their handwriting. I was really excited about this because some of the advise that we get in the church is to keep a record of your family home evenings, like taking minutes, and recording your lessons. Well this is perfect for my family. Every FHE now we are talking about our activities for the week as well as recording them and we are talking about family goals as well as having a lesson. I am going to attach a picture of the newsletter that I designed for our family. I am eventually going to take the pages and have Kinko's or some place bind the pages and make books. I hope that my children will love this when they get older and love the memories that we record. I also hope that we as a family keep this great tool going for years.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Family Home Evening Ideas

Well I have decided that I want to share my Family Home Evening ideas and lessons, as well as visual aids. Now I am not taking credit for the lessons, I will post where I got the lessons from if I can. I just wanted to share the things that are working for my family right now. I hope that some of these things will help your families.