Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plan of Salvation Lesson

So we had an FHE on the Plan of Salvation, two weeks ago and my mom said, "isn't she too young for that?" I in turn told her that I thought that it's never too early to tell her that she wants to go live with Heavenly Father in the Sun, Celestial Kingdom. She really enjoyed that we use the pieces like a puzzle and of course she loved that there was a sun, moon, and star. I have the chart hanging on the wall in the house and she says to me "live in the sun" I always say thats right Annabella we want to live in the sun with Heavenly Father. I saw this lesson on line at about.com. Here is the link to the lesson that I used, Rachel Woods-lds.about.com . There are a few options like do you want it in color or black and white you know things like that . I used the plan of salvation:color and the plan of salvation chart (visual aid). Of course I loved the visual aids and enjoyed laminating them so we can keep them for a long time and also Annabella can't tear the paper right away and she enjoys playing with the pictures.


nikki said...

So I am so excited! We have our FHE on Thurs. nights, Steve does adult ed. Mon and Wed. nights.I love this blog! I truly believe we need to teach gospel principles in the home and the more effort we put into it, we will be blessed and our children will be a righteous generation. Love you Thanks!

Tiffany & Annabella said...

Thanks Nikkster. I have been having so much fun with FHE and I know that our family is being blessed. Call me soon. love ya

Aims said...

I am so excited that I found this blog. I have been wanting to do something similar but it just hasn't worked out.

I also looked at your family website (I'm telling you so I don't feel like a stalker). You have a very cute family & it looks like you have lots of fun with you daughter. I know I do with mine.

Anyway, Thanks for the FHE stuff - I am going to put a link on my blog so I remember to return for ideas.