Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hatch Patch Creations

This past week we had FHE with another family and she prepared the lesson. It was great. She had these great visual aids and I thought I have to have those. I asked where she got them and well there is the web site. You can go to their webs site and print a lesson for free. It is great. They give you a story, picture sheets, a game, a scripture and a treat recipe. They have so many great topics. I can't wait to buy a bunch. They are copyrighted so please don't copy them for your friends but this site is a wonderful tool. Print out the free one they offer and see for yourself.


Lori said...

I love this site. I purchase for my friends as a group and we get a discount. It is great. Jill is so nice and will tell you about each lesson. She is upfront and honest. They come in color and are adding 10 new ones that are colored each month.
I just can not say enough good things about the company. We love them. Lori

mammastegeby said...

What kind of a group is needed to get a discount? We have a group with 16 families from our ward which have family home evening together. Do you think that enough to be called a group??